What next in the glittering career of Steven George Gerrard?


Fittingly this article is written on the same date that Steven Gerrard scored one of the best and most dramatic of his 186 goals for Liverpool. The clue: “oh you beauty – what a hit son, what a hit” bellowed out by Andy Gray at Anfield when the two goal cushion needed to see off Olympiacos with just minutes to spare saw Gerrard’s half volley fly past the despairing Antonios Nikopolidis, diving to his left. The game was won, and what followed in Istanbul, is folklore.

But what next for the out of work master?

To say he is a Liverpool legend is an understatement. With 710 appearances and 185 goals to add to the one above for the Reds, Gerrard has worn the shirt – literally, almost all of his playing career.

What can he bring to Liverpool now?

With 2 FA Cup, 3 League Cups, 1 UEFA Cup and that famous Champions League win in Istanbul he can bring a wealth of experience.

He knows what it’s like to join as a starry eyed dreaming eight-year-old, and work your way through the youth, then Academy system. To finally break into the “big time“ – but keep both feet firmly on the ground. Never once did he demand higher wages. As he stated once to a young player who was also making his mark “you put in the performances and the club will come to you – you won’t have to ask”.

That is how he became the top earner – through the reward of hard work and dedication to the club he loved, and still loves, so it would be a wise man who taps into his love, dedication and experience of all things Liverpool FC. He has made it public that he wants to be back in the “family”, and is taking his coaching qualifications.

Jürgen Klopp will soon have a vacancy as Michael Beale, the under 23 manager has given notice that he is to move to São Paulo in Brazil to take up the assistant managers position. Klopp, and the club should welcome Gerrard to sign on the dotted line without hesitation.

What price the experience he can bring, the model for all aspiring first teamers from eight-years-old to the under 23 side, and the drive, determination, will to win and bring honours to the club? – Priceless, that’s the price! He can learn from Klopp and his team, but so can they. Gerrard is the fabric of the club and that under 23 role is beaconing!


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