The great that rose from the ashes of the Borussia Dortmund attack


Without question the attack aimed at the Borussia Dortmund team bus was a cowardly act aimed at a team, a sport and society in general. The physical results could have been a lot worse. What it has done though is amazing, writes Sam May.

Person or persons unknown at this point tried to kill people, sport and society values, but failed on all counts, thankfully. The immediate reaction from global society has been one of condemnation disbelief and anger. The footballing nation, especially the immediate fans affected with the games temporary suspension for 24 hours, rose like a phoenix from the attack ashes almost immediately.

In the Westfalenstadion once social media reported what had happened, Monaco supporters far from home started to chant their support with “Dortmund, Dortmund”, this showing everyone their support of an opponent in a difficult situation.

Dortmund supporters responded quickly setting up a Twitter account so as to offer Monaco fans a “bed for the night”, so that they could stay on – and support their team tonight. Monaco football club also responded with an offer of €80 per person to all travelling fans towards additional costs which their supporters would incur during an extended stay, due to the callous act of last night.

This is society at its best. Forget they are supporters of opposing teams, this is people first and foremost helping others. It is how society should be, and can all learn from the generosity offered, the respect of each other in a difficult situation, and the coming together in a united way to give the message to the troubled and misguided perpetrator(s), “you will never achieve your goals.” Thankfully the one player injured, Spain’s Marc Bartra should make a full recovery from his broken wrist.

Tonight hopefully the game will go ahead without further incident, and rather than be a “difficult game to play in “as some media experts are saying, it should be a celebration of healthy opposition in the greatest game of all – football.

Everyone in the footballing community globally will be watching. When the whistle goes it will be game on. May the best team win, but we already have a winner, the footballing society brought together last night. No to racism, total respect and absolute unity.


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