Why Julian Nagelsmann is perfect for Bayern Munich


The 30-year-old is capturing interest from top clubs around Europe, but its time for Bayern Munich to make a move, writes Sam May.

After it emerged Carlo Ancelotti was to be sacked on Thursday, Naglesman has became the bookies favourite to check-in at the Allianz Arena. The thought of him taking the job has got a lot of tongues wagging.

It seems German football expert Raphael Honigstein was right about Ancelotti not seeing out his three-year contract with the Bavarian giants. This was evident when the Italian boss was outcoached and outclassed by Nagelsman purley based on tatics, when Hoffenheim defeated Bayern 2-0 on September 9.

The current Hoffenheim boss has shown glimpses of his proactive coaching and that he is not afraid to make changes and take chances depending on the situation. If Naglesman was to take the Bayern reigns, then the first job on his agenda would be to keep Thomas Müller happy. The 28-year-old Müller has been linked with a move to the Premier League, with both Liverpool and Manchester United interested in his services. Robert Lewandowski has also aired his displeasure at some of his teammates in recent weeks.

It Naglesman’s man-management and flexibility that is most attracted to Bayern Munich. He is a Guardiola disciple and would bring a breath of fresh air to the club. The German Eddie Howe would not be afraid to shake things up and make huge changes if necessary.

He ticks all the boxes what the Bayern hierarchy are looking for. It times the moved fact to secure his services. In 2008, Bayern missed out the chance of Jürgen Klopp and therefore opted for Jürgen Klinsmann.

Bayern can’t afford to lose out on one the most talented coaches, who became the youngest manager in the Bundesliga when joining Hoffenheim in February 2016, aged 28. Since then he has done what has been asked of him, with a limited budget.

The tactical nous of Nagelsmann is already making other clubs across Europe take notice of this young German. Bayern have always accumulated the best domestic talent in the player’s pool, whether they go one step further and see Nagelsmann in the same bracket is a point to ponder for fans and neutrals alike.


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